Are you a business owner, company director or trustee with responsibility for providing a pension? Do you understand your pension obligations and if your existing scheme is right for your business? Given the shifting investment landscape, changes in pension laws and enhanced legislative duties, effective pension planning is now more important than ever.

At Sterling Financial Services our pension advice and management service cuts through the confusion. We take time to understand your needs and recommend an appropriate pension solution, for both your business and your employees. We also provide in house training and seminars to launch the scheme to your employees and provide ongoing support.

In addition we provide dedicated member support, including an individual pension advice service for employees, and carry out reviews on the employees existing arrangements, lifestyle goals and objectives, and create a plan that incorporates their pension into their overall investment strategy.

Our corporate pension solutions are designed to be flexible and meet the evolving needs of your business. We understand that things change. Directors may leave or you could have a large influx of new employees. We ensure our schemes are built for whatever eventualities arise.

We also provide specialist taxation advice for directors and business owners to ensure pension contributions are structured.

For further information regarding our corporate pension proposition please contact us to arrange a free without obligation consultation.

  • Grouped Stakeholder Plans
  • Grouped Personal Pensions
  • Occupational Pension Schemes
  • Executive Pension Plans
  • Self Administered Schemes
  • Trustee Investment Plans
  • AVC Schemes